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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of carpet cleaning do you do?

We do a truck-mounted steam cleaning, also known as a "hot-water extraction."  This provides a deeper clean for your carpet.

How much does it cost to clean my carpet?

We charge by the square foot and only bill you for what we clean! Have your measurements of the space you want to have cleaned? Call us today at 402.477.6868 for a quote!


Don't have your measurements? Schedule a free estimate today! 

Do you have a minimum?

Yes! We have a $120.00+tax minimum, which covers 200 square feet. 

Do I have to move my furniture?

We only charge you for what we clean, so if you are unable to move your furniture, we can just clean around it-the traffic areas! We may also help you move some furniture around (like chairs, some sofas and recliners, tables etc) but we will not move any small items or breakables, large items like-beds, pianos, entertainment centers.  

Do you clean furniture?

Yes! We have special tools that allow us to clean upholstered furniture.  

Do you scotchgard?

Yes! Please request when you schedule an appointment with us.   

Do I have to be present when you do my cleaning?

No! We are a family owned and operated business, and all of our employees are either family or been working with us for atleast 5+ years. If you feel comfortable leaving a door open, giving a garage code or leaving a key, we are more than happy to accommodate you. 

How long does it take for my carpet to dry? 

We steam clean which involves spraying water into the carpet and extracting it immediately back up with our wands. Once our cleaning is done, your carpet will be damp to the touch.  General drying time is 12-24 hours. Putting fans on your carpet or opening windows if its a nice day out will help circulate the air and help your carpet to dry faster. 

Can I walk on my carpet after cleaning? 

Yes. Carpet is OK to walk on after we finish cleaning, you just want to be careful when walking from the carpet to a hard surface to avoid slipping. 

Do you clean apartments? 

Yes!  We can clean apartments if our cleaning hoses can reach your space. In order to reach your space, we would need to have close access to park our trucks close to the apartment building.  Please contact us for more details. 

Do you clean businesses? 

Yes!  As long as we have access to your building, we can clean the space.  Call us for more details and special pricing! 

Can I have my area rugs cleaned?

Yes! You can bring your area rugs in to our store at 2344 South 13th Street, Lincoln, NE.  OR we can pick up and deliver your rugs for a $25 fee.  We only charge $1.20 per square foot!  We usually have a 1 week turn around time. 

I have a pet that has been urinating on my carpet, can you get the smell out? 

We can use deodorizers in addition to our steam cleaning, however, we can not fully guarantee that we can extract the smell from the carpet.  Sometimes the urine can leak down in to the pad of your carpet which can be what is causing the smell, and often times its the pad that would need to be replaced. 

HELP! I spilled something red on my carpet! What can I do? 

Unfortunately, red is one of the hardest stains to get out and while we can fade the color some, we can not guarantee that we will be able to remove the stain completely. 


Have some extra carpet on hand? We also own a Flooring and Window Treatments business (Bryer Carpet & Blinds) and we can patch that spot for you with the extra carpet you have! 

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